City Leadership | Hate Speech Has No Place Here
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Hate Speech Has No Place Here

Hate Speech Has No Place Here

We get to focus on the good in Memphis.

We get to promote the growth and the possibilities, and we get to talk about the extraordinary people who are doing the hard work to make this city better and stronger. Sometimes, we get called cheerleaders or boosters (which is condescending, by the way, we think it’s more complex than that), but we accept it because we believe in the value in what we do. We also get to focus on systemic social issues in our city that prevent Memphis from being great for ALL Memphians, but we do so through the lens of the organizations that address them.

We’re recruiting people to join in the good. We’re working to keep the good that we have from leaving. What’s defined as “the good” is shaped by you and continues to evolve in ways that require us to re-evaluate how best to serve the city from our role. Here’s a good that we were proud to see:

Yesterday, when it became apparent that a government official had posted hate speech to his social media account, Memphians condemned his behavior, flooded the county mayor’s office with messages and phone calls, and demanded that they take action. Memphians made it clear that our leadership will be held accountable for views and actions that go against the values of  those of us who are passionate about equality. We won’t tolerate racism, bigotry, or hate speech.

From our role in this city, we condemn it and are grateful for all who speak out for justice.

We encourage you to support local journalism like the Memphis Flyer, the Commercial Appeal, Local24 and all of the news organizations entrusted with keeping us all informed. Being informed is vital to how we build the Memphis we all want to live in – a Memphis that respects all of its citizens.

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