City Leadership | Hey y’all! My name is Travis Tinnin…
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Hey y’all! My name is Travis Tinnin…

Hey y’all! My name is Travis Tinnin…

I’m the newbie on the City Leadership staff, coming on the team at the beginning of 2018 as the Jobs Coordinator. “What the heck does a ‘Jobs Coordinator’ do?”, you ask? Great question. I’m responsible for funneling economic and vocational opportunities to our Choose901, Serve901 and Alumni901 campaigns. At the end of the day, our city thrives on the work people do, and people are able to thrive by creating meaningful work. I’m here to ensure that’s possible for the most amount of folks, especially people most underrepresented.

Me and my wife Kalin

My wife, Kalin, and I moved to Memphis a few years ago searching for a community with character, culture and charisma. Living in Stillwater, Oklahoma after graduating from Oklahoma State University, we wanted to live in a place where not only we could thrive, but could work towards helping others flourish across our community. The Bluff City fit the bill, so after just a trip to Memphis during MLK Jr. weekend and a conversations with a few people, we dropped everything we had ever known in Oklahoma and headed east on Interstate-40.

Living in Memphis without a job and a rapidly depleting savings account was crazy hard, especially for a foodie that would eat at a new local joint every night if feasible.

Me with STREETS Ministries Executive Director Reggie Davis

Memphis was and is everything we desired and then some. We wanted to be here because of the city’s rich culture and desire to equitably move the needle forward, and it’s been a pleasure to play a part in our city’s story of progress, reconciliation and grit. I first started working in Memphis as an Education Coordinator at STREETS Ministries, in The Heights neighborhood, where my wife and I live. That place humbled me, challenged me, and ultimately gave me a home, a family and identity in Memphis.

Before heading to City Leadership, I most recently worked in school operations at Memphis Delta Preparatory Charter School in South Memphis, a feeder and sister school to the Soulsville Charter School. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to spend my first few years in two neighborhoods that gave us soul music, soul food and Elwood’s Shack.


With the STREETS crew visiting the City Leadership offices, Spring 2017.

Now I’m eager to use my relational experience and induction into Memphis to help foster economic opportunities for talented young people and the future leaders of our city. Memphis has this unique and inspiring character of progressing in a different way than the rest of our nation; while frequently overlooked, our city has started to pave a way to prosperity for people that our town and nation has historically marginalized.

If you ever want to talk economics, hip-hop or basketball, I’d love to meet you at The Four Way or for some authentic street tacos on Summer Avenue.

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