City Leadership | Meet Ty Stinson, Our Choose901 Videographer
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Meet Ty Stinson, Our Choose901 Videographer

Meet Ty Stinson, Our Choose901 Videographer

Ty Stinson

What’s up Memphis? It’s been a while! I’m Ty Stinson, and I’m ringing in the New Year at Choose901 & City Leadership as the new videographer. My job is to effectively communicate and visually represent Memphis. Whether it’s through video or pictures, our mission and objective will be represented and I’m having fun while doing it!


I am a Memphis native–Orange Mound is where I thrived until my late adolescent years, from Hanley elementary to Overton High School class of 2009. I consider myself a creative: I love telling stories visually and capturing things in a distinctive perspective. I moved away from this great city in 2012 to pursue amazing opportunities at Ozark Christian College in Joplin MO. In 2014, my wife and I relocated to Indianapolis, IN, where I thrived in the creative realm. I thank God for leading us back to Memphis this year in 2019.


Create.Eat.Repeat is my motto. I am constantly shooting with my camera, making videos, and creatively manipulating images for a fun unique look. That does my soul good. Speaking of soul: Eating! That is very important, especially as a creative. I love the fun little diners and dives we have around Memphis. In particular, I LOVE soul food. There is nothing like a big plate of fried catfish, mac n’ cheese, yams, cornbread, greens, fried chicken wings, and sweet potato pie and/or peach cobbler (NO ice cream)… oh, and a side of red Kool-Aid. Repeat! Do it all over again! I guess it’s safe to say I’m never out of my bag, I stay in my lane and I live it all to the fullest.


I’m always looking to grow creatively and try new things; my wife and I are always traveling to scenic places and watching movies thinking of ways to recreate them. Whenever I’m not at work, I am either traveling, or searching the streets for reflected light, and I’m always down for meeting up with other creatives to learn more and share life with them.


Learn by doing. Lead by serving.



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