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Videos Tell YOUR Story

In the non-profit world we all need to be ready to show how we're being effective. Mario Marino is a national leader pushing for effective measurements of how organizations are achieving their goals. Marino says, "Despite all the right intentions, the vast majority of nonprofits...

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Two thoughts for your Thanksgiving week

[caption id="attachment_4378" align="alignnone" width="384"] photo by: @f8inmemphis on instagram[/caption] Thanksgiving is an opportunity for most of us to slow down, spend some time with family and friends but also to really think about how blessed we are. Memphis has been so blessed by all the good...

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Setting a foundation for future growth

Look around in Memphis and you'll see not just potential, not just hope, but actual energy, buzz and movement. That energy is clearly illustrated in two big announcements today. 1.) Memphis is on the leading edge of education innovation in the country Today the Greater Memphis Chamber of...

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Parent Leadership Training with Mandy Grisham

Mandy Grisham had the opportunity to lead 55 parent leaders from 37 Memphis City Schools in a training session about leading their parent organizations. "It was so encouraging to see these highly committed volunteers who were chosen and sent by their school principals to learn how...

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